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Reborn Fanart Quilts!
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We do it for the lulz.
Submissions have closed, thank you very much!

Welcome to REBORN! Quilts, the gathering place for anyone who wants to help make HUEG collages of Katekyo Hitman REBORN! fanwork! For those new to the idea, here is an example of a quilt from The Pink Quilt Project created for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Obviously, that link was stolen from oofuri_quilt (thanks). We aim to share our finished quilts with REBORN! fans around the world as a surprise Christmas present. This is a great opportunity for artists to promote their work. All fans are welcome to join!

- Artists, photographers, Photoshoppers, meme whores, cmen, and anyone who can make boxes of pixels FABULOUS!
- Ideas for individual squares!

- 500x500px, 72dpi
- worksafe
- Quilt #1: Lineart & Colors. Currently closed for submission, thank you!
- Quilt #2: boys love. Currently closed for submission.
Please submit to the email listed in this profile above along with 1. the name you'd like to be credited, and (optional) 2. any message you'd like to be attached to the credits (e.g. your website or dA URL) in 100 words or less.

Ideas/Requests welcomed!

Due Dates
December 17th (Monday): individual squares.
December 22nd (Saturday): final product in an archive.
December 25th (Tuesday): REVEAL!

The Product
- packed in an archive
- quilts, credit pages, links, about

Join and watch this community for updates! Also, we are not restricted to LiveJournal users; you may also help as long as we are able to contact you. Please spread the word! And check out hitman_reborn!
Please do not reveal your work before the quilts are displayed, we want this to be a surprise!

This project is original, handcrafted copypasta from other fandoms such as TeniPuri, One Piece, and Oofuri.