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Reborn Fanart Quilts!


Reborn Fanart Quilts!



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First of all, thank you for your interest! To make this project possible, we need help in all areas. Skills and experience not required! We're open to all fans of REBORN! Please fill out this application form and tell us your wishes! Exclamation!

We've decided on the themes, dates, and submission process, please take a look at our user info here! Thanks everyone!

===About You===

Except for your email, this is for the credits. Advertise yourself!

- Name or alias?
- Email for contact?
- Anything else you'd like to include (<100 words)? e.g. your website's URL

===Position (can choose more than one)===

[ ] Pixel Filling Pixie, specifically _________ e.g. artist, photographer/cosplayer/crafts master, image macronist (lol wut), iconist, etc.
   [ ] # of contributions you'd like to make
[ ] Seamster/Seamstress who has the right software, hardware (e.g. memory), and c&p skills to put the giant quilts together
[ ] Distro with a private server to host the quilts. Used in conjunction with free hosting services such as RS, MU, SS, MF.
[ ] Maintainer

===Quilt Preferences===

How do you like your quilt? Be selfish, be open! You can choose more than one option for each question, even if they are conflicting, because we'll make more than one quilt if we can. Think about what you want to contribute and what you'd like to see from others.

- Absolutely no preferences? Yes, skipping this section./No.
- Worksafe, adult, doesn't matter?
- Solos, pairings, shounen ai, yaoi, het romance, hentai, shoujo ai, yuri, or any combination of those, don't care?
- Dimensions for the whole quilt, dimensions for individual contributions, layout, don't care?
- Other preferences? A few ideas here.

===Due Dates===

When do you want these to be done? Reveal day will be Christmas Day.

- Decisions on themes and signups
- Individual squares
- Final products (I strongly recommend against this being Christmas Day or Eve as many will be busy offline.)

Thank you! We'll make decisions based on your applications and try to make everyone happy!

Edit Made a little clarification, sorry I wasn't thorough!

Edit 2 We're voting on due dates and themes here! Poll will close on the 19th.
  • Got it!

    That is indeed brain rotting cute!
    • ahah <3 and now i can't stop drawing in it...i wanna draw a few more pictures in this style, tsuna's so cute~! the narrow eyes are so hard to draw though...
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