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Reborn Fanart Quilts!


Reborn Fanart Quilts!



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Edited 2007-11-22 5:57PM PST
- Added range charts and values taken from Photoshop.

After much head-scratching, hair-pulling, and numerous program crashes due to insufficient memory, I've come up with these colors for the quilt!

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The Pattern
★ Positive space will be light silver for all pictures.

RGB (red, green, blue): 228, 228, 228; OR,
HSL (hue, saturation, light): 0, 0, 228 (same thing)
So back in the Tsukihime example, that would be like black if you don't consider the borders around the 4 panels.

★ Each square may have at most one accent color, any color of your choice.

In this case, it would be white for the knife in the green panel. Like the blue & silver example I posted above, you don't have to use an accent color if you don't want to. Please remember that as an accent color, it should not dominate the picture. If there's more accent showing than the background color, you're using too much of it. Everyone can pick their own color, any color.

★ Each square has a range of background colors to use for negative space.

Choose a hue and a range of lightness for the square. For all space that is not in light silver or your one accent color, fill all of it using any color or colors found within that range. For example, if you pick the light blue in the top left corner, that means you can work with any color or colors within the red rectangle below:

Note that the hue is always the same and that saturation is up to you.

As per the sample quilt, there are nine ranges to choose from. This table lists the hue and light values (from HSL) for all nine in the same position as the example (e.g. values for dark green is on the bottom right cell of this table). I've also included the hue in degrees from the HSB system but the math is beyond me so please refer to the pictures below for light and saturation ranges for those using the HSB system.

Blue (Light)
H 169 / 239°
L 185-225
Sky Blue (Light)
H 143 / 202°
L 185-225
Green (Light)
H 117 / 165°
L 165-205
Blue (Medium)
H 169 / 239°
L 115-155
Sky Blue (Medium)
H 143 / 202°
L 115-155
Green (Medium)
H 117 / 165°
L 95-135
Blue (Dark)
H 169 / 239°
L 45-85
Sky Blue (Dark)
H 143 / 202°
L 45-85
Green (Dark)
H 117 / 165°
L 25-65

In (brackets) is the number of people who have chosen the color so far. I suggest you to pick a color that's the least popular but you're free to choose any one of them regardless of how many people have chosen it already. I think having at least one square in each of the nine colors on the quilt would look better. If you know which color you want to use, please comment on this entry!

HSB/HSV Range Charts
Light | Medium | Dark

You're not losing out if you pick a lighter range! There's more than one way to graph colors, as you can see from the blue chart with the red rectangle.

Assembly of the Quilt
This is entirely up to the seamstresses, including arrangement and borders. Those in my example were just a silly idea. I trust their artistic abilities :) We have no idea how many squares we'll get and in which colors until the due date.

I tried to kill as many birds with the same stone as I could, so I hope you like the idea! Fire away any questions.
Remember to comment if you have a color (range) chosen!
  • ...I...don't really get it. 8D";; s-So what do I have to do?
    • See how I fail at being a mod? XD

      Basically, any square for quilt one will follow the color theme. There are nine of them to choose from. Everyone picks their own, you don't have to fight over them. I'm just saying that if you see any of the nine that hasn't been chosen, I suggest you to choose it if you like it so that the quilt won't end up being the same 2-3 colors. I just want to get an idea of how many people want to use which color. I'll use any leftovers (hopefully there won't be any, but who knows).

      Is it ugly? >_>; Did the art part of my education pay off? XD;;

      btw I'm on msn right now.
  • I didn't get it either ^^; Are we supposed to use one colour that we choose (like the Tsukihime example) or we can have various colours by changing saturation ? I was thinking we would have chosen a single colour to fill everything...
    • Please pick one of the nine from the table! Even though there's a color theme, I want people to have some freedom with colors, which is why there are nine ranges to choose from, instead of just nine solid colors. You're welcome to work with just one within the range, but you can use any color in it. So yes you can have various colors by changing the saturation. It's the hue and a range of lightness that are set and you get to choose the range and hue.
  • I think I get it. >__>;; So does that mean we can only work with one solid color once we've chosen it, or can we use a few different saturations of one color for one square? (I see gradients in the example?) actually I was thinking multicolor squares with dominating hues, but this is far simpler I suppose. No objections here if that's already decided. :)

    Incidentally, I choose dark sky blue, and dark green if I do a second square (can we do more than one square? .__.a).

    Edited at 2007-11-22 03:16 pm (UTC)
    • You can work with a range of colors within a certain boundary. If you want to have a solid background color, that's okay too, as long as all the colors you use are within the range you chose from the nine (except silver and the accent, which can be anything). So for dark sky blue, you can use any one or more of the colors in the red rectangle:

      You can definitely do more than one square!
  • Um, I think I'm gonna work with the medium green :D
  • Hmm so if say, we chose an accent colour, can we blend using those colours? E.g. say to bring out the curve of a face?

    <.< I'm in need of inspiration, so until I've got an idea of what to draw I won't pick a colour XD
  • I approve of these colours. Btw, I'll do light green.
    It seems like you've got most of this organization business under control. |)
    • Okay!

      Still have some loose ends to tie. I gotta pimp again on hitman_reborn but I'm not gonna do that without something attractive. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Hopefully. >_>
  • Sky Blue (Light) for me! ♥

    I... kind of unders7tand it, but I can be really dorky and miss out stuff sometimes so I hope you don't mind if I come back with more stupid questions ;_;
  • This'll definately be odd but I'll try and see if I can do it. XD Its basically a monochrome set as arteests would say.

    I'm going to pick Medium Sky Blue for this one. :o
  • this reminds me to why I fail at colouring in PS sometimes 8DDD;;;

    so we choose a colour? :o *uncertain*

    err sky blue dark?
  • I hope I understand this correctly. 8D; (Maybe it's just late.)

    I'll take Blue (Light) and Blue (Dark) if I do a second picture, please.
  • light green for me please XD now we can draw anything we want in the individual squres as long as it fits 500x500 px and it's work safe? and, from what i can gleen from earlier, we're doing the monochrome quilt thing?? (like the tsukihime example?)
  • All right, I think I mostly get it, but it's possible I'll be back with questions too.

    Sky Blue (Medium) for me! :D
  • So to take part in this all I have to do is comment and say what colour I'm picking and that's it? O_O

    (If that's the case I'd like to do sky-blue dark) xD;
    Please reply because I'm a little confused. O_O;
  • OKAY. I'm pretty sure I understand. Silver line art and color the image only with the colors in the box corresponding to the color you choose. Question about the accent color really quick though. It can be ANY color? Just as long as it's obviously just an accent and not a dominating color and all that.

    I think I'll go with Blue (Light). If I have time I'll try to come in with a Blue (Medium) or something to help even that out. One is good enough for now though! Excellent job getting everything together, by the way. :D Very organized.
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