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Reborn Fanart Quilts!

Vote: Dates and Themes - Poll's Closed, Thank You!

Reborn Fanart Quilts!


Vote: Dates and Themes - Poll's Closed, Thank You!

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Based on what you have said (thank you very much), I'm proposing the following:

Due dates
Theme, layout decisions: November 19th (just a bit earlier than TG)
Some people tend to draw whenever they feel like it *raises hand*, so I'll leave signups open with a due date in place (below). I think that'll bring in more entries too.

Individual pieces: December 17th (two Mondays before Christmas/reveal)
This is up to the seamstresses, ultimaaa and zoruru. I'd like to give artists the weekend before that for finishing touches. How much time do you guys need to put the quilt together by the 22nd (Saturday)? It looks like we'll have one or two quilts.

Final product: December 22nd (Saturday before Christmas/reveal)

Distro up and running: December 24th 20:00 PST (UTC-8)

Reveal: December 25th 23:00 UTC+12
When it's Christmas Day for the entire world. My job. :D

Are you able to work according to these dates? You don't have to wait until the due date to send in pieces or to complete a task. You can do that whenever you'd like as long as they're done by the due date.

NSFW material will be separated from the worksafe, that's settled, I believe?

We got some theme suggestions from you guys so it's time to vote!

#1 Do you want a theme for the quilt at all?
- Yes, I want a theme.
- No, I want a general quilt.
- I'll let others decide.
#2 Colors: please choose one from the following:
- Green & blue colored
- Christmas colors
- Lineart & colors
- I don't want the quilt to have a color theme.
- I'll let others decide.
#3 Content: please choose one from the following:
- Selfcest
- BL
- I don't want the quilt to have a content theme.
- I'll let others decide.
**If we make a second quilt, what are your preferences on its theme? Please redo #1-3 for the second quilt.
Quilt #1 has prioity over quilt #2. Quilt #2 won't happen until we're certain that quilt #1 is big enough. At that point, we will start asking for pieces for quilt #2 without closing submissions for quilt #1.

500 by 500 pixels, 72 dpi
Yes/No (please specify desired dimensions and layout).

Please respond by November 19th 21:00 PST (UTC-8), thank you!
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